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NASO Summit Wrapup

The recent NASO Sports Officiating Summit in St. Louis drew more than 400 sports officials, officiating leaders and venders from throughout the U.S. and beyond.

NASO Summit Under way

The 33rd NASO Officiating Summit in St. Louis is under way with more than 400 officials, officiating leaders and vendors in attendance.

NASO Board to Meet in St. Louis

The NASO Board of Directors is scheduled to conduct its summer meeting Sunday in St. Louis, the site of this year’s NASO Summit.

Rowing Association Joins at Titanium Level

The Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association (PSRA) has joined NASO’s Association Advantage program as a Titanium member.

NEBUA Renews as Titanium Shield Member

An NASO member for the past three years, the North East Bay Umpires Association (NEBUA) has recently renewed its membership within NASO’s Association Advantage program at the Titanium Shield level.

Little League Umpires Join NASO

The Menlo-Atherton Little League has recently taken advantage of NASO’s Association Advantage membership program.

Palmer Featured in ESPN Film

NBA referee and former NASO board member Violet Palmer is featured in a recently released ESPN film.

Texas Passes Liability Law

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott signed HB 1040 into law on June 9.

Foxcroft is Honored, Meets Queen

Ron Foxcroft, founder of Fox 40 International, special adviser to the NASO board and former basketball referee, recently received the title of Burlington Citizen of the Year before visiting with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace in the wake of an October 2014 shooting death of an Argylls corporal.

South Bay Baseball Umpires Join

The South Bay Unit of the California Baseball Umpires Association (CBUA) recently joined NASO's Association Advantage program.

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No! It is a part of your annual NASO dues. It is among the exciting benefits NASO provides members.

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Your benefits begin as soon as you’re registered as an NASO member in good standing and your dues payment is received by the NASO offices.