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NASO Sports Officiating Group Membership Program

As a non-profit, NASO membership dues go 100 percent back to the association to continue providing the best benefits and the best costs. Group rates are less than individual rates, so NASO, the National Association of Sports Officials, is able to provide individual memberships to groups of 25 or more at deeply discounted rates.

Officials associations can take advantage of this opportunity and gain the peace of mind knowing all members of your sports officiating group are fully covered with the finest liability officiating insurance on the planet: Any game, Anytime, Anywhere.

A few of the options and benefits of group membership are:

Consistent Activation and Renewal Date

All members share the same anniversary date and re-enroll on the same date. The win: No renewal notices filling up your members' mailboxes.  

Installment Payments

If it makes sense for your sports officiating organization, we'll work with you to come with a payment schedule that fits into your dues structure, timing, etc. 

Commercial Liability Insurance For Your Association Up to 50% Off (Optional)

Officials associations have as much or more liability concerns than individual officials. A lawsuit involving any one of your members can escalate to endanger your organization and its leadership. If every member of your board is an individual NASO member themselves, your association can purchase optional NASO-ON commercial liability protection for your association at a 50 percent discount. 


All fees for NASO-ON membership are waived and included within the group membership program at no charge. 

Sports Officiating Summit

Reduced fees to NASO's Sports Officiating Summit for up to five members of your group. 

Every individual member of your group has the exact same NASO membership benefits and coverage as any other NASO member, but by joining together, everyone saves.

Hundreds of officiating groups have already taken advantage of this program, and not just local officials associations. Groups like the NBA and NFL officiating staffs are part of the program, as are members of the Big 10 Football Referees Association and the SEC Football Officials Association.

Activation and renewal couldn’t be easier. Get more information or sign up today by calling 800-733-6100 or e-mail kkoester@naso.org

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Do I have to pay extra for the MICP (Membership Information & Consultation Program)?

No! It is a part of your annual NASO dues. It is among the exciting benefits NASO provides members.

Do I receive further discounts through my NASO membership?

Yes. NASO members save 20% on all Referee Enterprises publications.

When does my coverage start?

Your benefits begin as soon as you’re registered as an NASO member in good standing and your dues payment is received by the NASO offices.



Sports Officiating Summit 2015 - St. Louis, MO - July 26-28